Once Guilty not Always a Criminal

I do not know Sanjeev Nanda even remotely. I do not wish to know him either. Recent press reports surprise me. How can one man be in the headlines for so long for all the wrong reasons?

So, there began my research to understand the other side of the case. Why other side? Well that is because media has been feeding us with only side since so many years. Last year, I saw a report that Sanjeev Nanda has been released after completing his overall 2 years in jail. I felt, good justice has been served, the accused got his punishment and atleast one case has ended and now the people can move on to something else. But guess, i was wrong, last month i read a report again that Delhi police is not satisfied the way Nanda case has turned out and they want a more severe punishment for Nanda. Here is my article about what i feel about the infamous Sanjeev Nanda.

Sanjeev Nanda with a dream to turn businesses into empires, embarked into the world of entrepreneurship; and as professionals were put together to manage the show, Nanda stepped in to play the role of ‘managing the managers’ while focusing equally on business development. A Businessman with a vision, Nanda has been successful in every venture he has stepped into.

“Challenges are a process of learning. The idea is not to bow down and give up, but take them as a cue to work harder to achieve the goals one has set for himself. I try to ensure that I do not get distracted, but stay committed to my dream of making my businesses the best in the country” said Sanjeev Nanda once philosophically about his life. Life has not been a cakewalk for Sanjeev Nanda but with the kind of dynamism he has, he is sure to make it big.

Peep into the lives of successful and famous and one will find phases of darkness or suffering. These phases often leave their mark in the form of invaluable learning’s, as painful times help in surfacing the best of person’s values and virtues.

Owing to the hue and cry created by Media, Sanjeev’s name on the internet invariably pops up the infamous BMW hit-and-run case. What very few are able to see is that he has suffered enough for his unintentional mistake, that he compensated the victims to their satisfaction and faced the trial in the hope of justice. It was only in 2009, 10 years after the unfortunate incident, that Justice Kailash Gambhir reduced Nanda’s sentence after terming it a case of negligence rather than culpable homicide. Whoever has met Sanjeev, believes that he has been punished more than enough.

Sanjeev Nanda, who graduated from The Wharton School, one of the finest business schools in the US, has the calibre and vigour to put the past as past and look ahead to opportunities and blessings that life has to offer. Media hue and cry will always be there, but for the people who know Sanjeev Nanda well and have worked with him, he will always be an exemplary businessman, a great friend & family man and above all a good human being.



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11 responses to “Once Guilty not Always a Criminal

  1. Raj

    I agree, Sanjeev Nanda has paid enough for his BMW accident, its time to move on.

  2. Vikas

    Sanjeev Nanda has a lot of potential, his business skills and knowledge should not go to waste. As the author says “Media hue and cry will always be there”, but that can’t change the inherent qualities of a person.

  3. Megha

    Sanjeev Nanda has served his sentence, besides spending over Rs.65 lakh to compensate the families of the victims of the accident. Nanda has already suffered the ordeal of trial for over a decade, and that’s more than enough as a punishment.

  4. Ankur

    Yup, Sanjeev Nanda cannot be compared and punished similarly as Manu Sharma or the one involved in Matoo case. What Sanjeev Nanda did was unintentional and an accident. While the other guys commintted a cold-blooded murder intentionally for their own vested interests. SO, they should be punished more severely and Nanda should now be allowed to live free for he has suffered enough.

  5. Rohini

    “Owing to the hue and cry created by Media, Sanjeev’s name on the internet invariably pops up the infamous BMW hit-and-run case.”

    I really agree with this line..This is indeed a more severe punishment than the one Nanda has alread served. This dark phase of his life is gonna trouble him all his life.

  6. Abhi

    Right.. Justice has been served. Time to move on. It’s time for Sanjeev Nanda to prove himself in the world of business, he certainly has the calibre.

  7. Ritu

    Sanjeev Nanda is a wonderful guy and a good businessman. 5 years from now, and Delhi would be awarding Sanjeev Nanda for his contributions to Delhi’s economy. So, neither success nor failure is permanent. The dark phase of his life is now over and soon will begin his good times.

  8. ayushi

    Sanjeev Nanda recently got married to his girlfriend Medha, i wish them good luck for the future. After reading this post i feel, Sanjeev Nanda is a good man and will prove he is a good family man as well.

  9. Harry

    True…one single mistake cannot make a person bad forever. Sanjeev Nanda has been punished enough for his mistake. Nanda is a Wharton, INSEAD graduate, he has immense potential to make any business reach its pinnacle.

  10. Kavita

    Well written. Agree with the author.

  11. Amit Kapoor

    People only think as they are told to think. What people don’t realise is that there are always two sides to a coin as well said by the author. Sanjeev Nanda has been punished more than enough and now its time that he is allowed to live normally.

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